Current AFA Committees:

Please contact at us at if you would like to become involved in a committee!

Communications committee: 

  • utilize technology to encourage AFA members outside of the Pittsburgh area remain engaged
  • encourage appropriate promotion of AFA activities in local media


Fund-raising committee

  • identify and develop discrete activities to encourage contributions
  • develop and implement a long-term fund-raising strategy


Hall of Fame committee: The responsibilities of HOF committee members are to:

  • Review nominations for HOF honorees carefully and vote for their top candidates 


  • Participate in planning and/or execution of Hall of Fame-related activities (e.g., event promotion, logistical coordination, communication with honorees, refreshments, school visit)



Membership committee:

  • increase membership, as measured by website registration
  • improve outreach to include more neighborhoods and graduating years


Outreach committee:

  • identify potential activities/initiatives to support in the neighborhoods of future and current Allderdice students
  •  identify potential activities/initiatives that benefit recent graduates