School Information

This section of the website provides current information about Allderdice High School.


School profile: The school develops a profile annually, reviewing school highlights, student demographics, and student achievements.  To view the 2023-24 School Profile, please click and open this PDF file: /000/9/4/6/33649/userfiles/file/2023-2024%20School%20Profile.pdf


Allderdice Club Catalog: The 2023-24 Club Catalog describes the extracurricular activities that are available to Allderdice students currently.  To view the 2023-24 Club Catalog, please click and open this PDF file: /000/9/4/6/33649/userfiles/file/2023-24_Allderdice_Club_Catalog.pdf


A+ Schools 2022 Report to the Community: Since 2005, A+ Schools, an independent, non-profit organization established in 2004 to advocate for equity and excellence in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, has published and distributed their Report to the Community. The Report to the Community provides detailed information about each of Pittsburgh's Public schools and monitors progress across the district.  Allderdice's profile is on page 122 of the complete report:

To view highlights of the full report, please visit the A+ Schools website: