Reunion FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs): Reunions


1.  How can the AFA help to publicize reunions?

Announcements for the reunion can be posted to the AFA website, and messages can be sent to your classmates through the website.  Please contact the AFA at with the date and time of your reunion events to post announcements to the website.

Please note that the Taylor Allderdice High School Alumni Facebook page is also another site to publicize reunions. This Facebook page is a closed site, so non-members can request membership through the facilitator.  


2.  How can a tour of the school be arranged?

Please provide the date and time that you are requesting a school tour and the number of expected participants to  Because tours require official approval from the school and district, please provide this information at least two months before your reunion.  Please also include any special requests (e.g., specific rooms or areas of the school that you would like to see) in your message. Please note that while the AFA will do our best to arrange a tour, we cannot guarantee that they can be scheduled at the time that is requested.


3.  Is it possible to have a musical performance by current students at a reunion event? 

Musical performances by students may be arranged but are contingent upon the availability of the students and music faculty.  If your request involves a performance off school premises, there will be a charge for the transportation of the students.  A donation to the performing group would be welcome, but is not required.  Performing groups include: drum line, marching band, jazz band, concert band, orchestra and string quartet.  Depending on the time of year, students may be able to perform a number from the school musical or cheers from the cheerleading squad. Please contact the AFA at as soon as possible, with the date and time of your reunion event and the performance group you are requesting


4.  What kind of Allderdice-themed items are available for reunion groups?

Allderdice has a variety of items (e.g., mugs, t-shirts, sweatshirt) in their inventory for fund-raising through the year.  The AFA can facilitate the individual sale of items at your events and/or determine whether a bulk sale of items is possible for distribution to all reunion participants. For photos and prices of items, please email