Frequent Questions FAQ's

Who will have access to the information that is entered into this site ?

      All contact information ( address, phone number, e-mail address ) that you enter will be kept confidential,  unless you choose to share this information with others. is a privately owned business. Your personal information will never be sold to other sites . It will not be shared or distributed.

      Your contact information is private. Your street address, email address, and phone number cannot be seen by others on the website. Registered members of the website can limit the visibility of their profiles to only fellow classmates by clicking in the appropriate answer in the PROFILE VISIBILITY section during their profile set up.  If you do not opt out for privacy, your profile can be viewed by non members, and your profile will be fully indexable by major search engines.


How can I communicate with other members of the site ?

        Email messages can be sent through this site using the CONTACT option at the top of each member's  profile page. ( look under the main photo in the upper left ). You will be able to contact other members without sharing your private email address , unless you choose to do so.


I am not receiving any e-mail news from the site .  How do I fix this?

        Please add : as a safe sender to your email account in order to ensure that you receive email communications from us.


How can I remove my account from this site?

       If you do not want your name on this site, please CONTACT US.  Our administrator will remove all entries .  This will end communications with our website.


I searched for my profile using Google, and I was able to find it, even though I had opted for privacy.  How can I fix this ?

      If you are signed on to the site and restricted your profile to only classmates, and then use a search engine to see if the privacy options above are working, it will appear they are not.  This is because you are signed into the website.  Sign out and check again.  You will now see that none of your profile information is viewable by non members.